Life is Rough!

Hey guys, I'm back, hope y'all enjoyed my little poem on my last if you havent go do so now duh😉 Oh wow man! Where do i start?🤔 Life is definitely crazy no doubt about that. Sometimes you feel like you're going insane. Sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down. God has definitely been … Continue reading Life is Rough!

What has God taught me on Failure?

Today’s Message: “What has God taught me from failure? If you had to be honest with yourself, how would you answer this question? Most of us might think it’s ridiculous—I mean, failure is definitely not a good thing and nothing good can be taught from it. Maybe it’s divine punishment? If I had to answer … Continue reading What has God taught me on Failure?

Being a Friend vs. Being Yourself!

Today’s Message: Being a Friend vs. Being Yourself After my first article launched, I found myself engaging in a conversation with a girl about not having friends—nor anyone that likes her. Mind you, the conversation started after I stumbled upon videos of hers where she was apologizing for the smallest things: talking too much, doing … Continue reading Being a Friend vs. Being Yourself!

Find Yourself!

If its one thing that I've learnt, is that its never too late to find yourself. Find your strengths and your weaknesses. Find your happiness and your pains. Find your joys and your sorrows. Find your losses and your gains. And when you use God to do so You will have found the ultimate key … Continue reading Find Yourself!

Self Motivation!

Life is about you! This means that you dont depend on others for approval. To make you laugh. To make you smile or to make you happy. You see, whats going on in the world today is alot of us tend to be dependent and not independent. We walk around doing things mostly for our selves, with the … Continue reading Self Motivation!